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A European adventure is like no other experience in the world. With so many cities and countries to choose from, Europe can open your world to many unique cultures boasting with the vibrancy of foreign languages, distinctive cuisine, rich history and priceless works of art all with the splendor of old world charm.

Whichever destination you choose in Europe, we can customize your itinerary and help you decide where to stay, how to get around and make sure you visit the important and eye opening sites. Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Coliseum in Rome, the enchanting cities of Spain, or the breathtaking landscapes of Ireland, Europe has something to offer everyone no matter where you are or what your budget is.


Italy holds a special place in the heart of Venus Travel. Our name not only derives from the Roman goddess of love, but it also encompasses what the country of Italy means to so many people, the meaning of love, beauty and endless possibilities. We have been sharing our family heritage and expertise of Italy since the day Venus Travel opened and we continue to provide our knowledge and guidance to our home country. Our family at Venus Travel is from the region of Puglia, in southern Italy. The area is not very tourist driven, but it can be a great place to visit old world charm and the hospitality is among the friendliest in the country.

An Italian defines himself by their village, province and region. Each region of Italy tells a story and the family behind the stories are the backbone of Italian culture, not to mention the art, architecture and history that follows.

No matter where you choose to visit in Italy, it will take your breath away. If art and history are important to you, Florence and Rome will provide you with priceless works of art dating back centuries with art from Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. Rome is home to architecture from the Renaissance, Baroque and Medieval times with glorious fountains and statues.

Venice holds a long historical story of romanticism and power, while boasting with colorful buildings and bridges surrounded by a glistening body of water to which the city of Venice reflects off of in the morning sun.

If beaches and port towns are more for you, Naples and the Amalfi coast are home of the famous five cities, Cinque Terre, five towns located on the coast of the Italian Riviera. The tranquil blue waters on the islands of Capri are another great destination.

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